Activities to enjoy winter together!

Activities to enjoy winter together!

The best way to celebrate the holidays is by getting outside and enjoying winter with loved ones. Don’t stay inside on a cold day! Go for walks in parks or visit Santa at malls!

There are plenty of activities that everyone can enjoy during this time. Let’s check together and pick something interesting from the list Panda Brothers made for this winter!

Kitchen time

We all know that kids love to play with and create things, but did you also consider how much they will enjoy the end result?

It's time to put your cookie cutters, sprinkles, and frosting together for some colorful fun! The kids will love decorating with these festive flavors that are perfect at parties or just snacking on them as well.


Together is better

There is nothing more enjoyable than celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. Invite them over for dinner and give each person a job to do while decorating!

You'll feel like this whole experience was planned just for you by creating an environment full of creativity, excitement, joy & merriment - all leading up until Christmas morning!


Winter Sports

If you're looking for an exciting way to get in the mood of winter, why not take your family on a sports adventure? Root for your local or city team by attending a hockey game together and enjoy some winter sports with friends, family members, kids - the list is endless!


Enjoy the first snow

What's the best way to celebrate winter?  This is the time of year when you can take your whole family out for an exciting snow adventure.

Go sledding or make a snowman. It is always more fun when you can build it with your family or friends. This will be even better after the first big snowfall, so plan an event soon! Create teams of two and race against each other in whichever way works best!


Time for Holiday Letters!

Now is the time to get the Christmas mood to family and friends! Have your kids write letters for Santa Claus, troops overseas, or just want some extra love on their own? The best part about this tradition are all those creative ways you can make it personalized. This year do something different together—it'll be fun!

Enjoy the holiday season with fun near your family. This year, get outside with loved ones to enjoy the winter weather, or at least if you are still freezing, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate near your family!

Let us know what are your favorite planned activities for this year - maybe it’ll be something new for others as well! Merry Christmas from all of us here at Panda Brothers.