About our Business

During the 2020 pandemic of Covid, two female entrepreneurs were inspired to create unique wooden toys for kids as a result of testing and trying what is currently available on the market. Those moms were us (hi!) and we quickly realized how poorly made and designed the current assortment of toys on the marketplace were.

Thus came the brainchild of creating a wooden toy brand - Panda Brothers.

About our Toys

These unparalleled toys are long-lasting and more durable than any other. They create less waste than plastic toys and are biodegradable. For the creators of Panda Brothers (us!), economic consciousness was non-negotiable.

We use the finest in European -grown hardwoods - primarily maple,birch, cherry, and walnut. Panda Brothers’ sources FSC-certified (sustainably harvested or locally-grown wood) for all of our teethers, rattles, wood blocks, and more! Only non-toxic glue is used on toys requiring assembly. They are all BPA-free and the organic finish is 100% safe and edible. (Though we don’t recommend our products for dinner!)

Panda Brothers’ toys are safe for your children. We know because we allow our children to play with them with zero concerns. Premium-quality, eco-friendly wood toys are void of PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.

Now, we’re not saying all wooden toys are safe, so you have to do your due diligence and be aware of low-quality, chemically-treated wood. Some wooden toys are made from plywood - full of toxic glues and formaldehyde. With our toys, these are not issues you will have to concern yourself with.

Why choose our wooden toys over iPads, gadgets, and flashy plastic toys? Ready for a truth bomb? All those trendy, light-flashing, music-playing toys (the ones that claim to stimulate brain development and cognition in your child) are actually worse for your child’s health and learning.

Popular, over-stimulating plastic toys are packed with electronics that offer very little in the way of creative play.

So, for the sanity of parents and the safety of children, everywhere - do your family a favor and become a Panda Brother!

About the Owners

Krystsina Uradzimskaya is the cofounder of Panda Brothers. She is a single mom from San Diego CA , raising a 6-year-old son. She has extensive business experience, running companies like Pregnology and Terramed. Her passion for helping others has really made a big impact on development business strategies for Panda brothers.


Maria Grygorenko is a 33-years-old entrepreneur raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. She holds a university diploma in Social Science. In 2012, she and her husband moved to the Netherlands and then to Germany. Here, her two sons were born. She is very passionate about modern approaches in the area of kids' education, development, and homeschooling methods.