Why Panda Brothers Wooden Toys

Why Panda Brothers Wooden Toys

We want the best for our kids, but what if you’re just not sure of the best toys? When it comes to choosing the right toys for your kids there are usually a ton of options available. You’ll find yourself in a given aisle, overwhelmed by the choices.

Even tho your child may be attracted to the flashiest, most expensive item from the shelves, you should consider the simple wooden toys with basic packaging over the fresh plastic ones. Here’s why:

For starters, wooden toys are made of natural materials that create a healthy environment for your child to play in. Unlike plastic and digital fads that get buried in new tech every year, wooden toys never go out of style. There’s rarely any major commercial hype around the latest wooden pieces, but they’ve been enjoyed for generations and are still going strong.

Wooden toys are as healthy as they are timeless!

There are many reasons wooden toys are better—not only for your child but for the environment as well. A simple, beautifully-crafted wooden toy can capture a child’s interest without overwhelming them, and inspire their imagination without directing it.
Here are 10 reasons why you should consider wooden toys:

They help children focus

The healthy environment wooden toys provide help children focus and concentrate. More specifically, touching the wood physically calms children down, which means playing with wooden toys can have a neurological impact on a child’s brain.

According to studies, wooden toys contain valuable information for your children. It warms to the touch and cools in the air, unlike plastic - which stays roughly the same temperature. There is much sensorial value in playing with wooden toys, and this information will add to their developmental experience as they explore the world around them.

More uses = fewer toys

Sometimes having too many toys might be overwhelming and space consuming. The minimalist Panda Brothers wooden toys allow children to create their ways of playing and spend more time with just one single toy.

A 2018 study gave a group of toddlers two different play environments, one with 16 toys and one with just 4, and found that “as measured by sustained play and variety of manners of play, toddlers had a greater quality of play in the Four Toy condition compared to the Sixteen Toy condition.”

They encourage creative play

Besides helping children develop their educational skills, they can also help them to fuel up their creative thinking and playing habits more than with plastic toys.

Image a toddler playing with wooden blocks: they can be stacked into a wide variety of shapes such as a house, a building, zoo, or anything else that comes into his or her mind. They offer a beautiful, tactile, open-ended “blank canvas” for a child to explore at their own pace and on their terms.

They also teach them cause and effect. A wooden toy, like a block set or a simple puzzle, distills this concept down to its essence: “When I do something, it makes something else happen as a result.”

They last longer

Since almost every toy gets a bit of a run around from the children, as they fling them out of pushchairs and highchairs, cots, and off the sofa, it’s best to have a toy that can withstand a little bit of damage. Unlike plastic toys, which get broken easily, wooden toys can withstand children’s energetic playing.

They inspire

While plastic toys might offer sound effects and flashing lights, studies show that wooden toys can improve children’s numerical, literary, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. When playing with wooden toys, they use their budding imaginations to build, invent, tinker, make-believe, create, and explore new shapes and figures.

Wooden Balancing Stones are the perfect educational toy for creating new shapes and figures from scratch. Blocks and other wooden toys can be turned into anything a child wants them to be and can follow a child’s development from simple symbolic play into complex imaginative play.

They introduce children to math and physics

Wooden STEM toys require hand-eye coordination and tons of fine-motor precision to stack and balance. They also support important skills for learning math like pattern matching and recognition.

Toys such as Wooden Balancing Stones don’t have any magnets or connecting systems to keep blocks locked together, thus making children focus on coordinating their hands and eyes to build and balance the different elements. Children learn early physics lessons when a tower topples after the 6th block has been placed on top, or when a ball rolls down a ramp.

They are cheaper in the long run

Yes, it’s not a misspelling. While wooden toys might be more expensive upfront, they end up being much cheaper than plastic ones.

This is due to them being extremely durable and pretty much unbreakable. So, in contrast to buying new plastic toys each week because they break so often,  there’s no need to keep forking out on new ones. Moreover, wooden toys don’t require any battery or light bulbs, so you’ll save money on those over the years.

They are extremely beautiful

Whether painted, stained, or left natural, wooden playthings, furniture, art, and other objects tend to be visually appealing. Truly beautiful toys will enhance this developmental experience.

Wood is beautiful in a way that human-made materials never will be, and by giving your little one this beauty, you are feeding their young mind with the finest materials. They are a natural fit for these spaces since they’re often stackable, easy to clean up, and attractive to display.

They all-natural with no health issues

Panda Brothers take extra care in ensuring that even the varnish used on the finished wooden toys is water-based and non-toxic so that it has a neutral impact on your baby’s health. It features a durable, unlikely to splinter or break structure.

This means that on the whole, they’re a much safer go-to for a child’s toy, especially if the little one is under five years old.

Better for the environment

By purchasing a wooden toy that’s sustainably sourced and made from all-natural, certified wood - you’re helping reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Because wood is more durable, it can produce an overall smaller negative impact on the environment, simply because it is meant to last longer, and when a wooden toy does find its way into a landfill, it will biodegrade. Additionally, companies can choose to use wood that is sustainably produced, to reduce the total negative effect on the environment

Many wooden toys can be bought second hand and sanitized, so you’re reusing materials, and then when the toy has had its day – often a few generations down the line – they can be recycled easily as they’re made from natural materials.

Our Panda Brothers Wooden Toys are crafted from eco-friendly, natural wood, and finished in beautiful, sustainably wood, to ensure that your child gets the premium quality tool to play with. All materials exceed lab testing standards for 100% nontoxic safety.

Let your child enjoy the learning process with all-natural Panda Brothers Wooden Toys!